Replicate Menu

The basic menu for replicating items

Replication is the act of making a new object from different resources. To replicate an object, you must have a script that has been added to your character by left clicking on it in the inventory. Any script may use up to five different materials. 


On the replication menu you may create any number of a given item, limited only by the materials you have in your inventory. You can click on the "Max" button to automatically increase the number to the maximum that you can make. This number does not always reflect the number of items that will be produced. For example, 1 run of the script for copper bullets will produce 3 copper bullets. To select an item to replicate, pick it from the alphabetical list on the left. Its picture will appear in the box in the center, with the material requirements appearing on the right hand column. 


Scripts are the information used by your replicator to make an item. You can acquire scripts from NPCs, either by purchasing them or as part of a quest. Currently there is no other way to acquire scripts. 

Vehicles, Swords, and GunsEdit

Currently vehicles, swords, and guns are not made using the replication menu. To make a vehicle, sword, or gun you must access the creation panel, which allows you to open up an ISO of a object. You can then export it into the game world. You must still have the appropriate number of resources in your inventory, but you are not limited to five different resources.