Common Name: Banshee
Layerback Concept Art1

Layerback Concept Art

Scientific Name: Layerback Raptor

The Banshee is one of the most dangerous animals in the game and can prove deadly to players with even high armor and weaponry. 

This animal is found in the forests of maria. If you encounter one of these and you do not have a teamate and very high equipment, RUN.


These animals use a peircing screech attack which can 1 Hit KO most players. The screech attack has a medium attack range and will use once it gets close enough to the player, while it is using this attack it is incapacitated.

They are very fast and can run almost as fast as a player.


Do not attempt to kill one unless you have atleast one other player helping you. Do not engage meele with this creature. From a distance fire at it with a ranged weapon and alaways keep moving.