Lao Lei

Lao Lei in game

He is an NPC That is found at the rock formation. He is a mineralogist.


Lao Lei landed in an escape pod with Dayita Saxena, Adisa Mostafa and Leo DuPont and a few other crew members. Unfortunately for them they landed in a nest of Ursus Firebear and all unnamed crew did not make it out alive. The surviving and able crew fled the scene to the Rock formation where you find him eager to go back and check on the Martian.


Sells you

  • Steel (9999) and script
  • Iron tools and scripts
  • Hunter gear and scripts
  • Compressed biscuit III
  • Dynamite
  • Petroleum
  • Coal


  • Rescue Plan
    • head to crash site
  • Making Steel
    • Gather resources, get steel script