How to add ISO in Planet Explorer-0

How to add ISO in Planet Explorer-0

ISO (Interstellar Organization for Standardization)

What is an ISO?Edit

ISO is an object (weapons, vehicles, shield ...) created in a powerful 3D software integrated in Planet Explorer.

ISO is simply a special file type which you can use to save your items, weapons, vehicle project and then you can share this with other players.

How to make ISO?Edit

To share ISO you need to firstly make an item using the Creation Panel .

Once you have finished your project, you can save it.

Project will be saved in the following directory (in most cases):

C:/Documents/PlanetExplorers/VoxelCreationData/Isos/Player Name

How to share ISO?Edit

To share ISO files with your friends you can simply send them your file.

They then need to place sent file in theirs ISO game folder. (search for your file in C:/Documents/PlanetExplorers/VoxelCreationData/Isos/).

Then they can open up the Creation Panel in their own game and choose open ISO select the sent file.

You can share ISO files on this website too :

Share ISO on ISO PlanetEdit

There is special site used to share ISO files called ISO Planet Explorer. You can share you ISO from other players with use it.

How to use ISO created by other players?Edit

To use ISO created by other players you simply need in most case only ISO file.

Many ISO file can be find

All you need to do is download file from there and put it on your ISO folder (C:/Documents/PlanetExplorers/VoxelCreationData/Isos/).

Request an ISO?Edit

If you don't have the skill to make it yourself, you can ask the other players to make it for you!

For this you can use this Board section