Ataro Baatar

Ataro Baatar

Ataro Battar

Who is he?Edit

Ataro Baatar in one of the main story NPC, you first meet him during on Coast Crash Site in Chapter 4 of Main Story Line. Ataro Baatar is voiced by actor Vincent van Ommen.

Where is he?Edit

First he will be on Coast Crash Site (Map 7940,6553), after some quest he will move to Earth Camp (Map 7683,7708).

What he sells?Edit

After you do some quest for him (The ForestMarisian Camp Earth Camp Missing SurvivorsLayerback NestBury the dead) he will got in his show scripts needed to complete a quest Set up a Base Camp

Items Silver helmet
Silver armor
Silver boots
Silver pants
Energy shield type 01
Battary pack type 01
Laser cannon
Particle cannon
Simple plastic
Chipset (1Ghz)
Power plant - coal
Front cannon L
Front cannon R
Rapid fire turrer
Controlled turret
Side seat

Large rubber tire type 01 L
Large rubber tire type 02 L
Large rubber tire type 03 R
Large rubber tire type 04 R
Flight cockpit
Vtol rotor  L
Vtol rotor R
Vtol rotor C
Vtol rotor type 01
Vtol fuel cell type 01
Lending gear type 01 L
Lending gear type 01 C
Lending gear type 01 R
Lending gear type 02 L
Lending gear type 02 F
Lending gear type 02 R

After Bury the Dead quest

Storage core
Engineering core
Dwellings core
Storage box
Static field generator
Repid fire machine
Update machine
Dwellings bed
Assembly core
All the scripts mentioned above.